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About La Costa Sober Living/Casa de Esperanza

Our professionally trained staff are familiar with the problems faced along the road to recovery. Understanding the many challenges you may encounter during this phase of your recovery and the need to develop new goals are areas in your sobriety/recovery that we can assist you with on a daily basis. To further the possibility of experiencing a successful recovery as a member of La Costa Sober Living/Casa de Esperanza, a Certified Addiction Counselor is available to assist you with all your concerns regarding your sobriety/recovery.

Our staff understands that many individuals seeking sober-living, also struggle with difficult mental health issues. The Professional staff at our La Costa Sober Living homes are trained to assist individuals with all issues related to their sobriety/recovery, to include the use of prescribed/supervised medication. We’ve thought of everything here at La Costa Sober Living and are prepared to help you solve your most pressing problems “One Day at a Time”.

Our professional staff can assist with developing letters of reference to provide the court about the status of your stay at any of our Transitional Sober Living homes. Our residents often come to us right after treatment, however, that’s not always the case. We can help you at any stage of your sobriety/recovery, as long as you are chemically-free and not currently using.

Are you a good fit for La Costa Sober Living?

If you are looking for an upscale sober living facility in San Diego and can identify with three of the seven following problems, La Costa Sober Living is the right homes for you.

  • Trouble with keeping a structured schedule during the day
  • Issues with keeping busy with “the right things” in your recovery plan
  • Lack of a recovery plan in general
  • Failed attempts to keep a job
  • Relationships with family faltering or unstable
  • Trouble avoiding chemicals of abuse, to include prescribed medication.
  • Difficulty separating from dealers, friends who are still using, etc.

To find out more about La Costa Sober Living give us a call at (619) 755-2502


We strongly encourage all of our residents to be vaccinated for COVID-19.
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